Dec 11, 2007

Prop 36 Graduation

This morning, Department 18 transformed itself from its daily courtroom activities into a graduation stage, as Commissioner Albers and the Proposition 36 team honored 13 Winter 2007 graduates.
A case manager with Treatment Access Program (TAP) introduces his graduating client.

The graduates were each presented with a certificate of completion, and two flowers -- one to keep to honor their journey, and one to give to a person significant in their recovery. Each graduate's case manager stood to say several words about his or her client, and the graduates also offered their messages to the rest of the audience. Some had the following things to say:

"I never thought I'd be thanking the County of San Francisco, my lawyer, and the judge."

"I'm going to keep trying, keep staying true to myself."

"Thank you for giving me a chance to change."

Thank you to everyone who made this graduation a success! And, most importantly, the Superior Court and Office of Collaborative Justice would like to extend our warm congratulations to each of the graduates.

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Anonymous said...

What a great program! Always good to see people get back on their feet. -Rick, SF