Dec 24, 2007

USA Today: Drug Courts Offer Offenders Alternatives

"I had a choice of doing jail time or changing my life and going through treatment," he said. "If you have a choice between doing 2-to-7 or going through the program and going into treatment, any smart person would take the program."

Fuseyamore, 45, and the father of a 10-year-old son, celebrated 10 years of sobriety in June and has been a mechanic for the New York City Fire Department for six years, according to Dennis Reilly, former director of the Brooklyn Treatment Court. Fuseyamore's story is one of thousands touted by supporters of alternative drug courts.

Read the full article from USA Today here, which presents a fantastic examination of the Drug Court movement nationwide.

Also check out Changing the Court, which has featured several of their own success stories alongside this most recent USA Today article.

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