Sep 30, 2008

Thanks & Praise for BHC

[Email sent to Judge Mary Morgan of the San Francisco Superior Court]

Dear Judge Morgan,

Once again I'd like to thank you for allowing clinicians from SFGH to visit Behavioral Health Court. The Inpatient Psychiatric Social Workers were enthralled with the process. These very experienced clinicians were amazed by your judicial compassion and very wise comments. We knew the vast majority of the BHC clients who were in court yesterday.

I have to say I was personally most impressed to see Mr.B and Ms.W. I'm glad I was sitting down when Mr. B walked in the courtroom. After his extended stays on Unit 7L, I was in shock to see him out and about, sitting patiently, presenting appropriately and leaving to live in the community. Our last contact with Ms. W was after she seriously assaulted one of our staff. In a million years I would not have guessed that Ms. W or Mr. B would succeed in the community for any length of time. What a joy to see.

Because we work in acute inpatient - we rarely see our clients when they're doing well. Additionally, our clients that get stuck in the criminal justice system seem to have the most tenuous prognosis. It lifted all of our spirits to see such success. I'm responsible for bringing our Resident (MD's) on community tours during their 6 month rotations.

Best Wishes,
Mily Trabing, LCSW
Director, Inpatient Psychiatric Social Work
San Francisco General Hospital Medical Center
Department of Psychiatry

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