Nov 10, 2009

Community Justice Center UPDATE

In October the CJC produced a 6 month Status Report…here are some of the highlights!

  • Over 400 clients have been engaged in treatment at the CJC
  • There are 250 currently active clients who are 98% compliant with treatment
  • Restorative Justice component is thriving with well over 600 hours of community service completed
  • The Overall Appearance Rate continues hold firm at 65%; with drug felony offenses at 86%, violence-related offenses at 76%, and theft offenses at 81%
  • There is an average of 24 “in-custody” defendants per day and 57 “out of custody” defendants per day
  • TL Community Court Panelists (a program of SF District Attorneys Office) held their October session at the CJC, of which (8) eight CJC cases were directly referred
  • Holding cells to be completed in the coming weeks; allowing for enhanced case processing and immediacy of engagement for “in custody’ individuals


Hadar Aviram said...

Megan, where can I obtain a copy of the report?

Megan Filly, Program Coordinator said...

Thanks for your comment!
Here is a link to the report:

SF Collaborative Courts will be completing a more detailed analysis of the CJC by the end of the year. I will be sure to send you that as well.