Dec 14, 2009

San Francisco Superior Court takes part in Jobs Now Program

Through help from Collaborative Court staff, San Francisco Superior Court has placed 25 unemployed parents in positions as part of the Jobs Now Program. The participants are extremely motivated and thrilled to be working at the Court.

San Francisco is one of only three counties in California that are participating in this program. To date 1,200 residents have been hired and Mayor Gavin Newsom hopes to see another 1,000 or more San Franciscan’s in a job in the coming months. For more information about the program visit:

Here are a couple recent articles about the Jobs Now program…

Newsom wants to find you a job
San Francisco Chronicle
By Heather Knight
December 10, 2009

S.F.'s Jobs Now program employs 1,200
San Francisco Business Times
By Eric Young
December 10, 2009

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