Aug 24, 2011

Salvation Army quarterly newsletter includes article on Dependency Drug Court

This past month, Dependency Drug Court was featured in the in The Signal, a quarterly publication of The Salvation Army. The article features DDC client Alexander who has being living at and participating in services at Harbor House, one of DDC's community partner agencies. Here's an excerpt from their story:

“In late August of 2010 Harbor House had a phone call for an intake. This was for a single parent father. This father had lost his daughter due to the hold his addictions had on him. She was only five and this was the fourth time she was taken from her dad.

"Her mother had never been in the picture. At Harbor House one of the things we do is work with single parents to reunify with their children; one of these ways is through our brand new Dependency Drug Court (DDC) contract. Both Child Protective Services (CPS) and DDC felt there was an extremely slim chance of the father regaining custody. He had lost her several times in such a short life, he was an addict, he was homeless, had no job, and she was actually about to be adopted. Since staff at Harbor House loves challenges, naturally we accepted him.”

Click here to view the entire newsletter.

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