Nov 13, 2012

Veterans' Courts

Judge Stephen Manley, a fervent advocate for collaborative courts, was a guest of KQED's Forum with Michael Krasny on Monday, November 12, 2012. Judge Manley and other guests discussed Veterans' Courts, including the Santa Clara County Veterans' Treatment Court where Judge Manley presides.

Veterans' Courts

When veterans get in trouble with the law, substance abuse and mental health issues stemming from their military service are often contributing factors. A growing number of counties in the U.S., including Santa Clara, have set up special courts for veterans that favor treatment over punishment. How well do such programs work?
Host: Scott Shafer

  • Christopher Deutsch, director of communications for Justice for Vets, which advocates for the creation of veterans treatment courts
  • Nick Stefanovic, U.S. Marine, combat veteran of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and graduate of the Rochester, New York Veterans Treatment Court
  • Stephen Manley, judge in the Santa Clara County Superior Court presiding over the Veterans Treatment Court
  • Wendy Lindley, Orange County Superior Court judge overseeing the special treatment court for veterans
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