Dec 18, 2013

"The Long Way Home"

Last night, San Francisco State University's (SFSU) Health Equity Institute premiered "The Long Way Home," a short documentary about two fathers, Eli Parson and Joey Cordero, who reunified with their daughters in spite of institutional barriers and personal obstacles. 

Eli Parson was Dependency Drug Court's (DDC) first graduate in 2008 and now works as DDC's Peer Parent Advocate through the Homeless Prenatal Program (HPP). He and Joey Cordero co-facilitate HPP's Fatherhood Group. 

Commissioner Catherine Lyons, DDC's founding judicial officer at the San Francisco Superior Court, was also interviewed in the film.

The Health Equity Institute and SFSU's Cinema Department collaborate to offer Documentary for Health and Social Justice, a transdisciplinary film production course that has produced 50 short documentaries. Students work with community organizations to create films for a more just, healthy, and equitable society. The films are used by faculty and others to generate discussion and civic engagement. Other films featured at the screening were "The Hands That Feed You" and  "Arms Wide Open."
We are proud of Eli's contribution to this endeavor and would like to thank student filmmakers Christina Ivazes, Josh Beck, Jimmy Alvergue, and Georgina Savage for creating a deeply moving and educational film.

(L to R) Josh Beck (SFSU), Eli Parson (HPP), Jimmy Alvergue (SFSU), Georgina Savage (SFSU), Joey Cordero (HPP) with daughter, Christina Ivazes (SFSU), and Commissioner Catherine Lyons (San Francisco Superior Court)

SFSU student filmmakers answer questions after film screenings.

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