Jun 4, 2015

SF Veterans Justice Court featured on PBS Newshour

From Justice for Vets website:

PBS Newshour Brings Viewers Inside San Francisco Veterans Treatment Court

... PBS Newshour [brings] viewers face to face with the staff and participants of the San Francisco Veterans Treatment Court.

The nearly 8 minute segment profiled a Gulf War veteran currently enrolled in the program and presented a comprehensive look at how Veterans Treatment Courts connect veterans with a myriad of services, from in-patient treatment to housing assistance.

“Our goal is to find an outcome which will both prevent recidivism, keep the public safe, keep the victims from being re-victimized, but also deal with the person’s background and the reasons he that he committed the violent conduct that we were just addressing,” said San Francisco Veteran Treatment Court judge Jeffrey Ross. San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon emphasized his strong support for the program, saying “If you’re talking about people that have severe trauma from being on the battlefield and may be self-medicating themselves, these are things that the criminal justice system cannot fix unless we bring other people on board.”

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