Dec 28, 2015

Micro-documentary profiles DDC graduate and Family Case Manager, brings attention to homelessness in SF

“I love how, in San Francisco, creativity meets caring, and you cannot walk down the streets in the city anymore without confronting homelessness, so I just thought, ‘How can I inspire people to help?’ That’s how I came up with these films.” - Filmmaker Natasha Giraudie 

San Francisco Dependency Drug Court graduate and Homeless Prenatal Program Family Case Manager Eli Parson is profiled in this beautiful film, Strengthening Families, which highlights his work with homeless families in San Francisco. The micro-documentary is part of Let’s Get Street Smart, a documentary short-film series by Natasha Giraudie that brings attention to San Francisco's homelessness crisis.

Click here for more information on Let's Get Street Smart.

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Niko Soter said...

Very nicely done. Eli is a good man doing good work.