Sep 10, 2007

Drug Court Treatment Center

We're pleased to announce that we have recently been awarded a $195,000 grant from the Bureau of Justice Programs (BJA) for our Drug Court Treatment Center! The grant will provide transitional housing for homeless, methamphetamine-addicted participants whose housing instability interferes with their ability to engage in treatment. The grant will also provide housing for other homeless participants whose probation status puts them at risk for serving time in prison.

San Francisco is lucky to have its own comprehensive, dedicated service center within walking distance of the courthouse to assist Drug Court Clients. This arrangement is rare among Drug Courts nationwide -- most rely on referrals to outside agencies. This new grant will allow the Drug Court Treatment Center to better address the always difficult issue of finding safe and stable housing for our clients.

We would like to thank our city partners for providing us with letters of support: the Mayor’s Office, Department of Public Health, Human Services Agency, SF Police Department, Office of the Public Defender, Office of the District Attorney and the Adult Probation Department.

For more information, you can visit BJA's website here.

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