Sep 2, 2007

Behavioral Health Court

An excellent article on San Francisco's Behavioral Health Court was recently featured in SF Weekly:

". . .Winters was the type of hard-core homeless guy who gave San Francisco politicians heartburn, and made tax-paying citizens feel simultaneously guilty and resentful. He was part of a troubling problem that everyone wishes would go away.

Now, although he still looks like a street-dweller with his long, greasy gray hair and grungy sweatshirts, he's a success story. He gets his shot of medication every two weeks, and lives a stable life under the roof of the Ambassador Hotel. An examination of his case shows exactly what it takes to get one troubled homeless person off the street. It shows that there are solutions to San Francisco's homeless problem — but they're expensive and time-consuming, and it's an open question as to whether citizens are willing to pay the bill. . ."
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