Dec 16, 2008

Admiration for BHC team

Dear Judge Morgan,

Thank you for the work that you do. The opportunity to observe the San Francisco Behavioral Court hearings was an eye opener! As someone who both works with and comes from the very population I saw in your court room touched me deeply. I listened closely as each person stood before you eager to be heard, acknowledged, and counseled. To address mental illness in the context of crimes committed, drug abuse and homelessness is a daunting task but one that is necessary in order to effect real change and give a person a real chance at a new life. The collaborative nature of this initiative is truly realized in court.

But what touched me the most was your in-court recognition of each individual’s achievements coupled with your words of encouragement. I could see each defendant taking in your words, proud of their accomplishments and the majority were ready to do more. This initiative "really" goes a long way to keeping many on track to successful recovery and integration back into society at-large. I cried through most of it, I am not ashamed to say. I found myself clapping enthusiastically and praying that my own nephew would meet someone like you on the bench in New York City. Someone who has it within them to understand the struggle, and seek justice through a holistic approach.

Best regards to you and your team,
Karen M. Roye, Director
Department of Child Support Services

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