Dec 10, 2008

Orange County opens Community Court to keep people out of prison

Read the The Orange County Register's article from December 5, 2008 below:
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"The focus is not on the non-violent offense that brings an individual to court, but on the underlying conditions and circumstances that... brought that individual before the court," said Ronald George, the Chief Justice of the California Supreme Court, who spoke at the grand opening. "Instead of processing them and warehousing them, a facility like this can often bring families back together."

Police agencies throughout the county, as well as the District Attorney, can direct cases to Community Court at their discretion. Lindley compared the Community Court programs to the county's seven-year-old mental health court. She said that only 11 percent of the people who go through the process there have committed other crimes.

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Julius Lang said...

This project is a real national model, serving as it does as a umbrella for several different colaborative courts. It's so great to see collaborative courts collaborating with one another!