Jun 11, 2014

Michigan Drug Court featured on NBC’s Dateline

Last Sunday, NBC’s Dateline featured Michigan’s Mercer County Drug Courts. The piece followed three individuals whose addictions brought them in front of Adult and Juvenile Drug Court Judge Mary Chrzanowski, known as "Scary Mary."

In an email statement, the National Association of Drug Court Professionals said of the program:

"While the story is a profile of just one of over 2,800 Drug Courts in the United States, it underscores two important issues critical to the public’s understanding of all Drug Courts. First, the individuals profiled in the piece, no matter their original charge, were given the option of Drug Court because they were assessed and shown to meet the clinical criteria for drug-dependence. Once they were admitted, the Drug Court team worked tirelessly to keep them in the program and deal with relapse and other issues that arose along the way."

Click here to view clips of the Dateline episode.

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